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On April 16, 2016, a powerful 8.2 earthquake struck the Ecuadorian coast. This event propelled a group of Ecuadorian professionals into action, they launched Ecuadorian Water Relief, a campaign whose objective was to provide drinking water to the region devastated by the earthquake. Through donations and financing out of their own pockets, they were able to help more than 300 families in the province of Manabi.

The current situation worldwide brought the group back, together the group is working to find a solution to the lack of available artificial respirators. One of the most critical problems caused by this emergency! Following initial discussions with a 20 person team, communication with the open-source community was established and a call to collaborate brought close to 100 participants immediately. Today we are 281!.


Edgar Landivar

Ecuador - Electronics

Edurne Quincoces

Spain - Finance

Ayelen Guerra

Argentina - Software

Armando Mosquera

Venezuela - Ventilation

Ivan Baquerizo

Ecuador - Financing

Paul Estrella

Ecuador - Communications

Jose Vicente Cerezo

Spain - Enclosure Design

Fernanda González

Mexico - Press

Bianca Dager

Ecuador - Financing

Cecilia Paredes

Ecuador - Crowdfunding

Jose Landivar

Ecuador - Supply Chain

Juan Villalobos

Ecuador - Medical Experts

Walter Gamarra

Ecuador - Pneumatics

Cesar Jaramillo

Ecuador - Logistics

Vicente Adum

Ecuador - Fluids Mechanics

Háridas Mederos

Venezuela - Mechanical Design

Jorge Niola

Ecuador - Marketing

Veronica Loor

Ecuador - Communication

Ma. Gabriela Pabon

Ecuador - Social Media

Ricardo Viteri

Ecuador - R & D

Help us Save Lives, It’s our duty!