“OPENVENTI” is an artificial ventilator without commercial purpose or use, created out of a software system and a mechanical operation. The ventilator is specifically designed for its use as a last resort or emergency-use when no other device is available due to the shortage for commercial ventilators worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The use of Opeventi must be limited to emergencies where the patient is at risk of imminent death and no other option exists according to the best medical judgement and professional opinion of the authorizing person, and with the approval of the patient and/or their family members.

Openventi is not approved for use in patients in any country. It’s functionality may change at any time without notice in order to improve the ventilator. Any data or information used to develop the Opeventi ventilator cannot be considered complete, correct or up-to-date at any moment since the system might change at any moment due to new findings and experiences throughout continued testing.

Openventi’s functionality or use has not been evaluated nor authorized by any government, including the Republic of Ecuador, and has not been approved to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease to date. Testing continues to be pursued in order to obtain licenses and authorizations but there is no guarantee that they will be obtained. The Openventi ventilator is still an invention under development and more work is needed in order to obtain authorizations and certifications conforming to the Ecuadorian laws.

The designers, manufacturers, assemblers and any person related to the development and distribution of “OPENVENTI”, are not responsible expressly or tacitly for any medical use under any circumstance. Similarly, they are not responsible for any damage or negative consequence stemming from its treatment, action, application, use, or preparation by a person using the Opeventi invention whether they follow any information available for this product under-development. Any responsibility falls upon the person or institution using and/or approving the use of Opeventi according to their independent medical, technical or any other criteria and review.

The goal of this document is not to provide diagnostic, treatment or medical advice. Please consult a medical doctor or other health professional about any medical diagnosis, use of this invention, and/or treatment. Please do not ignore or delay getting medical attention and/or advice based on this information.

Therefore, in representation of the company or institution that requests an Opeventi device, the person completing the application for requesting the donation of a respirator, declares that they know and accept the information and clauses provided in this document which releases the creators, designers, manufacturers, assemblers and anyone involved with Openventi, any and all responsibility from damage, complications, or problem that its use might cause directly or indirectly on any patient. Openventi’s use is the exclusive responsibility of the institution that requests the Openventi device, which declares they have received this information regarding the invention, its creation, use, functionality, and protocols , and acknowledges that the ventilator will be used as the last resort or emergency-use, only when no other treatment option exists per the best medical judgement and professional opinion of whomever authorizes its use, and the patient and their family members. The use of Opeventi must be the last resort to try to save the life of the patient. The persons related to the creation of Openventi ventilators have no relation to its use, and the requesting institution must inform the patient and their family members about any risks involved in the use of Openventi.

This Release of Liability with respect to the creators, designers, manufacturers, assemblers and any other person related to Openventi CANNOT be modified; However, the invention can be modified in order to improve its use and functionality.

Through its request online, the requesting institution accepts the Release of Liability on the date of submission of such request.