Electronic circuitry design

UPDATE March 25, 2020 Very late in the morning, but we have finished the design of the electronic circuitry for our RESPIRATOR for # COVID19. Excited. We have based it on the Yubox project that already had base information.  

PricewaterhouseCoopers will audit contributions to the Openventi project

The team in charge of financing the Openventi project considers it of utmost importance to TRANSPARENT all the work being done to manufacture respirators. The voluntary and disinterested contribution of hundreds of people is a valuable resource that we take very seriously and responsibly. For this reason, we have asked the prestigious auditing company PricewaterhouseCoopers […]

First Design

UPDATE March 25, 2020 After many hours of intense work from ALL the team, we have the first design of our respirator for #COVID19 Applause to the GREAT team that has donated their time designing circuits, software, pneumatics, apps, firmware, simulations, etc.

Update on Electronic Card

Sunday, March 23, 2020 UPDATE: The electronic card is almost finished designing, tomorrow we will coordinate the development of the graphical interface and we will make a couple of decisions about pumping. We are working on the pedestal and aesthetic things too. THANKS TO ALL THE HANDS OF THE PROJECT!

1st general scheme of the solution

Design scheme of the proposed solution

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