First Test Phase Completed

OPENVENTI UPDATE WE GET THE FIRST PHASE! We have completed the procurement stage, as well as the last prototype, which, after correcting some technical details, has allowed us to successfully pass the first certification test, which confirms that we have a functional equipment, following all the requirements and standards indicated by the ARCSA (The Ecuadorian […]

Ecuador’s Vice President visits OPENVENTI

On Sunday, April 12, we were visited by the Vice President of the Republic of Ecuador, Otto Sonnenholzner and the Minister of Public Health Dr. Juan Carlos Zevallos. The government officials had the opportunity to see our prototype respirator, the same one that is being tested with an artificial lung and has been operating for […]

We reached the first goal, now we go for 1000 more

Just 19 days ago, on March 21, Openventi, a citizen initiative of professionals from Ecuador and other countries, started a project to manufacture artificial ventilators. Openventi, has reached some initial objectives: definition of technical design and procurement of components; prototype assembly and initial tests with an artificial lung. At the same time, Openventi has been […]

Salvar Vidas Ecuador acquires 100 ventilators

Salvar Vidas Ecuador, a group formed by the civil society of Ecuador to gather resources and efforts in the fight against Covid-19, has joined the Openventi campaign, acquiring 100 artificial ventilators. As the product passes the relevant certifications, the aforementioned group will support the construction of thousands of more artificial ventilators, which will help Ecuador […]

Openventi underway, validation process

After the first design of the project, yesterday, we conducted validation consultations with experts in the field of respiration to verify that the design variables are applicable and if adjustments are necessary, in order to arrive at a test prototype. The validation result was positive, to the point that we have added two more valuable […]

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