Emergency-Use Ventilator Donated To Luis Vernaza Hospital

#OpenVentiNews | We have donated 4 emergency-use @openventi ventilators for the #HospitalLuisVernaza in #Guayaquil, the hospital with the highest capacity for #covid19 patients. We are delighted to help this institution and its staff who continue fighting day after day. pic.twitter.com/kCVXfLeF3r — openventi (@openventi) April 6, 2021

Emergency-Use Ventilator Donated To Huaquillas Basic Hospital

#OpenVentiNews | The @openventi team donated another emergency-use ventilator. One of our ventilators made its way to El Oro province, in the Hospital Basico de #Huaquillas. We are committed to continuing the fight against #COVID-19! #EsperanzaVenti pic.twitter.com/mok7aSn7G7 — openventi (@openventi) April 6, 2021

Emergency-Use Ventilator Donated To San Francisco Clinic

The San Francisco Medical Services Center (CEMEFRAM) received an emergency-use OpenVenti ventilator. Through this donation, we continue our mission to help hospitals and health centers in #Guayaquil. This is a hard fight, but we continue helping. #EsperanzaVentiGreen heart Link to official news.

Emergency-Use Ventilator Donated To Hospital de Catacocha

#OpenVentiNews | Our @OpenVenti emergency-use ventilators have arrived in #Loja. Ronald Salas, Md., received this donation in the name of Hospital Basico de #Catacocha. We continue to reach all corners of Ecuador with much needed help. #EsperanzaVenti💚 pic.twitter.com/yy6s5wkvxa — openventi (@openventi) March 31, 2021

Emergency-Use Ventilator Donated To Hospital del Día Roberto Bobadilla

Hospital Dr. Roberto Bobadilla, is another Guayaquil hostpital to benefit from OpenVenti emergency-use ventilators. We have great satisfaction in continuing to donate and help others in the fight against Covid19. Link to official news.

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