Congratulations Openventi team!! We won the Covid-19 Challenge

We want to share the great news, Openventi has won the Covid-19 Challenge, in the category ventilator type 1. This challenge was launched by the Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (AEI), with the support of the public, private and the academia of Ecuador and Panama, and it was aimed to innovators and entrepreneurs of the world, who, through their projects, can generate a solution to the urgent needs presented in the Health system, due to the emergency originated by the coronavirus.

Openventi decided to participate in this challenge, in the Category: Mechanical Ventilators. The first prize includes US $20,000.00 and is destined to be a part of the financing required to develop an artificial ventilator, manufactured with available supplies, and that can be used on patients with respiratory affections.

We registered the project and completed the initial certification test, which was evaluated by a panel of doctors and specialists. After the certification was completed, we received a notification that Openventi was among the finalists. The next step was to make an elevator pitch presentation to a group of investors.

With the confidence and security that we have in the project, our engineers and developers held their exhibition, highlighting the differentiators, and benefits of Openventi’s ventilator.

Thanks Team Openventi!