Openventi underway, validation process

After the first design of the project, yesterday, we conducted validation consultations with experts in the field of respiration to verify that the design variables are applicable and if adjustments are necessary, in order to arrive at a test prototype.

The validation result was positive, to the point that we have added two more valuable members to the Openventi team.

The new collaborators are Armando Mosquera Villeggi and Iván Baquerizo Alvarado. Armando Mosquera, Ph.D. in Respiratory Therapy, with vast experience in artificial respiration, he has some scientific publications, among them the books: “Calculations and practical equations for diagnosis and treatment in respiratory therapy”, “Fundamentals of Respiratory Physiotherapy and Mechanical Ventilation” – of which he is the co-author – and “Research Methodology in Non-invasive Mechanical Ventilation”. Armando joins as a technical advisor to the project.

Iván Baquerizo, a successful Guayaquil businessman, who will be supported in the area of ​​project financing and dissemination to different organizations that may be interested in its successful achievement.

Openventi Team

Openventi is an initiative of a group of Ecuadorian professionals from different branches; an initiative that has spread to several countries in Latin America and that also includes professionals from Spain. It is a non-profit project without defined associations, to which little by little different organizations, both private and public, are joining.

We hope to continue counting on the participation of the general public and with the support of everyone to achieve the main objective of the project: “To generate a low-cost, high-quality artificial fan that can be used in the short term to save lives”

To support fundraising, you can go to this link: Crowdfunding.

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