Last Thursday, April 29, the project delivered fifteen ventilators to 5 hospitals and the Government of Loja as part of a second delivery.

The beneficiary hospitals on this occasion are, Guayaquil Clinic, Alborada Clinic, Moreno Vasquez Gualaceo Hospital, Basic Hospital of the city of Baños, Jesus Sacred Heart Basic Hospital Sagrado of Quevedo.

The Government of Loja received the second delivery of respirators that will be distributed in several hospitals in the province, such as IESS Loja Hospital, Isidro Ayora Hospital, Vilcabamba Hospital, Macara Hospital, Paltas Hospital, Calvas Hospital, Zapotillo Hospital, Espindola Hospital, Saraguro Hospital, Puyango Hospital.

Stay tuned for more news about weekly deliveries.


Delivery to Guayaquil Clinic

Delivery to Alborada Clinic

Deliver to Moreno Vasquez Hospital from Gualaceo

Deliver to Banos City Basic Hospital

Deliver to Sacred Heart Hospital from Quevedo

2nd delivery to Loja Government

Openventi delivers Emergency-Use Ventilators with the collaboration of the private company

Openventi delivers Emergency-Use Ventilators with the collaboration of the private company

Openventi is continuing with the delivery of Emergency-Use Ventilators to different hospitals in Ecuador. Thanks to the planning team, who have delivered 30 ventilators between December 2020 and April of this year, it has been possible to obtain the necessary information to schedule a delivery of 15 ventilators per week, a process that started on April 22.

The beneficiary health organizations on this delivery are Julius Dhopner Hospital in Zamora, Gualaceo Hospital, El Empalme Basic Hospital, Cuenca´s Jose Carrasco Arteaga Specialty Hospital, Dr. Anibal Gonzalez Alava Basic Hospital from Calceta, Government of Loja.

The Government of Loja has made a requirement to distribute several respirators among different hospitals in this province, such as: IESS Loja Hospital, Isidro Ayora Hospital, Vilcabamba Hospital, Macara Hospital, Paltas Hospital, Calvas Hospital, Zapotillo Hospital, Espindola Hospital, Saraguro Hospital, Puyango Hospital.

This delivery was carried out in the presence of executives from Cervecería Nacional and Salvar Vidas, organizations that are part of the group of companies that have contributed to the financing of the Openventi project.

The project will continue to deliver respirators every week until a number of 200 are completed.

At Openventi we continue to work to complete these much-needed deliveries, at a critical time of the Covid-19 pandemic in Ecuador.

Delivery to El Empalme Basic Hospital

Delivery to Julius Dhopner Hospital in Zamora

Delivery to Jose Carrasco Hospital from Cuenca


Delivery to Calceta Hospital

Delivery to Loja Government

Cerveceria Nacional Finances the Manufacture of Emergency-Use Ventilators

April 2021.- Cervecería Nacional, in alliance with Openventi, joints the financing of 200 mechanical respirators. The ventilators have the academic endorsement of ESPOL and are being used by hospitals nationwide.

The Emergency-Use Ventilators manufactured by Openventi are for compassionate use, this means that they are a last resort resource in patients with Covid-19 who are in a highly complex situation, and who do not have immediate access to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“Our commitment to the development and progress of the country is absolute, and we feel deeply honored to be part of supporting ESPOL and Openventi in this project that seeks to contribute with the hospital capacity of several centers nationwide. This equipment becomes a valuable resource for doctors and a life expectancy for patients. I take the opportunity to thank all of our medical and hospital staff who continue to be the front line of fight, and we call on citizens to respect biosecurity measures and to be responsible for their health and those of their families,” commented Martha González, VP of Corporate Affairs of Cerveceria Nacional.

Cervecería Nacional has invested 40 thousand dollars to finance the manufacture of Openventi’s ventilators. The equipments will be delivered to hospitals that are currently at the limit of their capacity, due to their size or structure, and that don’t have an Intensive Care Unit. The first joint delivery will be made to the IESS Hospital of Cuenca, the Basic Hospital of El Empalme, the Basic Hospital of Calceta, and the Government of Loja. To reach more locations, the company will also make an important donation to the organization Salvar Vidas, which will be in charge of locating these equipments in the medical centers that need it most.

“The support of Cervecería Nacional to the Openventi project allows us to reach more hospitals and provide ventilators at a critical time for the country, as well as helping to generate innovation in Ecuador in a field in which there are no precedents,” said Paul Estrella, Coordinator of Operations in Openventi.

How to request a respirator?

Health institutions that require Emergency-Use Ventilators can go to and make the request following the indications on the web portal. Openventi equipment is intended for the first line of use and the request can be applied by all companies and organizations that attend or provide assistance to the health emergency in Ecuador and Latin America.

Emergency-Use Ventilator Donated To Luis Vernaza Hospital

Emergency-Use Ventilator Donated To Huaquillas Basic Hospital

Emergency-Use Ventilator Donated To San Francisco Clinic

The San Francisco Medical Services Center (CEMEFRAM) received an emergency-use OpenVenti ventilator. Through this donation, we continue our mission to help hospitals and health centers in #Guayaquil. This is a hard fight, but we continue helping. #EsperanzaVentiGreen heart

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Emergency-Use Ventilator Donated To Hospital de Catacocha

Emergency-Use Ventilator Donated To Hospital del Día Roberto Bobadilla

Hospital Dr. Roberto Bobadilla, is another Guayaquil hostpital to benefit from OpenVenti emergency-use ventilators. We have great satisfaction in continuing to donate and help others in the fight against Covid19.

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Emergency-Use Ventilator Donated To Municipio Urdaneta

Emergency-Use Ventilator Donated To Hospital de Especialidades De Las FF.AA