Cerveceria Nacional Finances the Manufacture of Emergency-Use Ventilators

April 2021.- Cervecería Nacional, in alliance with Openventi, joints the financing of 200 mechanical respirators. The ventilators have the academic endorsement of ESPOL and are being used by hospitals nationwide.

The Emergency-Use Ventilators manufactured by Openventi are for compassionate use, this means that they are a last resort resource in patients with Covid-19 who are in a highly complex situation, and who do not have immediate access to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“Our commitment to the development and progress of the country is absolute, and we feel deeply honored to be part of supporting ESPOL and Openventi in this project that seeks to contribute with the hospital capacity of several centers nationwide. This equipment becomes a valuable resource for doctors and a life expectancy for patients. I take the opportunity to thank all of our medical and hospital staff who continue to be the front line of fight, and we call on citizens to respect biosecurity measures and to be responsible for their health and those of their families,” commented Martha González, VP of Corporate Affairs of Cerveceria Nacional.

Cervecería Nacional has invested 40 thousand dollars to finance the manufacture of Openventi’s ventilators. The equipments will be delivered to hospitals that are currently at the limit of their capacity, due to their size or structure, and that don’t have an Intensive Care Unit. The first joint delivery will be made to the IESS Hospital of Cuenca, the Basic Hospital of El Empalme, the Basic Hospital of Calceta, and the Government of Loja. To reach more locations, the company will also make an important donation to the organization Salvar Vidas, which will be in charge of locating these equipments in the medical centers that need it most.

“The support of Cervecería Nacional to the Openventi project allows us to reach more hospitals and provide ventilators at a critical time for the country, as well as helping to generate innovation in Ecuador in a field in which there are no precedents,” said Paul Estrella, Coordinator of Operations in Openventi.

How to request a respirator?

Health institutions that require Emergency-Use Ventilators can go to www.openventi.org and make the request following the indications on the web portal. Openventi equipment is intended for the first line of use and the request can be applied by all companies and organizations that attend or provide assistance to the health emergency in Ecuador and Latin America.

We reached the first goal, now we go for 1000 more

Just 19 days ago, on March 21, Openventi, a citizen initiative of professionals from Ecuador and other countries, started a project to manufacture artificial ventilators. Openventi, has reached some initial objectives: definition of technical design and procurement of components; prototype assembly and initial tests with an artificial lung.

At the same time, Openventi has been working on the financing of the project, through two well-defined initiatives: a worldwide crowdfunding campaign and direct contact with investment groups in Ecuador.

Today, we want to announce that we have managed to fully finance the first 200 ventilators. We thank all the contributors who have joined this cause and who we consider to be part of the team.

The total financing at the moment is $ 140,500.00 USD. The next goal is to manufacture a batch of 1000 additional units; to achieve this new goal, the project needs to reach $450,000.00 USD.

We hope to continue counting on the participation of the general public and with the support of all. To support fundraising, you can go to the following link: Crowdfunding.

More about Openventi.

Let’s move forward, let’s save lives!

Salvar Vidas Ecuador acquires 100 ventilators

Salvar Vidas Ecuador, a group formed by the civil society of Ecuador to gather resources and efforts in the fight against Covid-19, has joined the Openventi campaign, acquiring 100 artificial ventilators.

As the product passes the relevant certifications, the aforementioned group will support the construction of thousands of more artificial ventilators, which will help Ecuador to continue facing the current situation.

Openventi, thanks to the trust placed by Salvar Vidas Ecuador and commits, in turn, to continue working to achieve the main objective; generate a low-cost, high-quality artificial ventilator that can be used in the short term.

We hope to continue counting on the participation of the general public and with the support of all. To support fundraising, you can go to the following link: Crowdfunding.

More about Openventi.

PricewaterhouseCoopers will audit contributions to the Openventi project

The team in charge of financing the Openventi project considers it of utmost importance to TRANSPARENT all the work being done to manufacture respirators. The voluntary and disinterested contribution of hundreds of people is a valuable resource that we take very seriously and responsibly. For this reason, we have asked the prestigious auditing company PricewaterhouseCoopers of Ecuador to be in charge of auditing the movements of the funds raised in the different financing campaigns that Openventi carries out at the moment.

PricewaterhouseCoopers, aware of the importance of the initiative, has agreed to participate as an auditor, a task that will be led by David Real on behalf of said firm. As the financing takes shape, all the amounts contributed will be published.

We thank Roberto Tugendhat for connecting with PwC and Celso Malimpensa, PwC Country Geographic Leader, for accepting our request and joining this cause.

We hope to continue counting on the participation of the general public and with the support of all, to achieve the main objective of the project: “Generate a low-cost, high-quality artificial respirator that can be used in the short term to save lives”.

To support fundraising, you can go to the following link: Crowdfunding.

More about Openventi.